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Parish Council

Laxfield Parish Council  usually meets on the second Monday of the month in the Guildhall at 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend and have the opportunity of raising an issue for discussion.

Next Parish Council meeting Monday, March 11. AGENDA NOT YET AVAILABLE.

Last Parish Council minutes (draft only until approved): CLICK HERE FOR DRAFT MINUTES

2018 Annual Parish Meeting (arranged by the parish council). CLICK HERE

Parish Council full meetings 2018/19, unless otherwise notified: April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, July 13, September 10, October 8, November 12, January 14, February 11, March 11.

Parish clerk  

Nick Woodhead

2 Myrtle Cottages, Mill Road, Badingham, Suffolk IP13 8LQ Tel: 01728 638884


The role of the parish council

Laxfield Parish Council is made up of 11 councillors. There are ten full meetings during the year (no meeting in August and December), held on the second Monday in the month.Additional extraordinary meetings may be held to deal with a specific item of urgent business if agreed by the chairman and vice-chairman. The finance committee meets every December.
All members of the public and press are welcome to attend all meetings of the council and its committees and sub-committees. The members of the parish council elect a chairman, whose role is to ensure a fair and adequate hearing of the views present and at the same time to restrict the discussion to consideration of the business in hand.
The parish council acts strictly within statutory boundaries and strives at all times to retain public confidence.
The Annual Parish Meeting is organised by the parish council and chaired by its chairman. It is always held in May and exists to allow all parishioners to attend and ask any questions or bring up any matters relating to the village.

Committees & representatives

Planning & Amenities Committee 5 members
Mrs L Auchterlonie, Mr A Clarke, Mr A Oakes, Mr A Peachey, Mr C Wilson

Grounds Committee 5 members
Mrs W Abbott, Mrs S Larke, Mr A Oakes, Mr A Peachey, Mr C Wilson

Finance & General Purposes Committee 5 members
Mrs L Auchterlonie,  Mr A Clarke, Mrs S Larke, Mr A Oakes, Mr I Boulton


Village Hall: Mrs S Larke, Mr A Oakes

Smith & Ward Charity: Mr R Simmonds

Relief in Need Charity: Mr A Oakes, Mr A Clarke

Laxfield & District Museum: Mr A Oakes

SALC & County Area Committees: Mr A Oakes

Council members:

Chairman: Mr A Oakes 01986 798548

Mrs W Abbott 01986 798865
Mrs L Auchterlonie 01986 798962
Mr I Boulton 01986 799104
Mr B Cable 01986 798295
Mr A Clarke 01986 798029
Mrs S Innes 07855 027645
Mrs S Larke 01986 798454
Mr A Peachey 01986 798122
Mr R Simmonds 01986 798716
Mr C Wilson 01986 798089


Part-time job working from home

Are you a self-starter, willing and able to take on responsibility with time in your life to be available most days for a total of 10 hours a week?

Can you organise your day so that the many and varied duties can be done in reasonable time - with meetings on the second Monday evening of the month the only fixed commitment?

The clerk is the Proper Officer of the council and, working from home, is responsible for preparing financial statements, budgeting, producing agenda, recording minutes, keeping financial records, budget monitoring, dealing with data protection, uploading information onto the council’s website, offering legal advice, updating policies and procedures - and after each meeting executing the decisions made by members.

He or she also keeps the village hall accounts and liaises with the management committee.

There are other duties associated with the running of the cemeteries, recreation ground, play area, roads and footpaths, grant applications and risk assessments.

The successful applicant will have organisational, communication and IT skills. Knowledge of local government procedure would be an advantage, although the parish council will fund training if required.

Salary is dependent on experience and qualifications and is based on national pay scales for local government workers. Expenses are paid and a laptop and iPad come with the job.

Please make your application by sending a CV and covering letter to the current clerk by email or you can ring him for more detail.

Tel: 01728 638884
       07734 716575 

Contact us

Parish Clerk: Nick Woodhead
of 2 Myrtle Cottages, Mill Road, Badingham, Suffolk IP13 8LQ Tel: 01728 638884