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Plan to MSDC by the end of June says outgoing NP chairman

The Neighbourhood Plan will be finished and submitted to the district council by the end of June. That's the upbeat message from founder chairman John Worthington who is standing down to take on a more strategic role.

While the plan is finished off with parish councillor Sue Innes as the new chair, John will be focussing his attention on village strategies up to 2040.


Parish Council urges 'no' to Bickers Hill scheme

A total of 30 new homes could be built in Laxfield within the next two years. The parish council has already given its support to a development of four properties on the private allotments off Mill Road, close to the Wellington Homes development.

There are 13 homes each planned for Mill Road and Bickers Hill and the parish council considered both in an extraordinary meeting in the Parish Room (Guildhall) on Wednesday, January 30.

There was a resounding thumbs-down for Bickers Hill but cautious support for Phase 2 of the Wellington Mill Road scheme.

New plans in for Mill Road sites

Mill Road Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Wellington Homes development.

Plans have been released to the parish council for a further 17 homes off Mill Road, Laxfield. Wellington Homes has lodged its scheme for 13 properties in the second phase of its major development and, separately, plans have been approved by MSDC for four properties on the former allotments site.

At the PC meeting concern was expressed, over the density of the development and the inability of the village to cope. A glut of recent applications made members less enthusiastic than they once were. Since the developers' consultations with the villagers, plans had been submitted and supported for further homes on the former allotments site alongside.
The council also seeks S106 agreement funding for lay-bys for properties on Mill Road. These properties have been badly affected by Phase One of the Cullingford Close development and the verges should be replaced by parking bays.

Since the amendment to CIL regulations in 2014, S106 agreements have been scaled back to refer only to matters directly related to the development site but this is directly opposite the access and the development 19/00038 (Land to the east of Mill Road, Laxfield - full planning application, erection of four dwellings, garages and new access) will, if approved, make unavailable land previously used by Mill Road residents for parking.

Mill Road 4 homes

The allotments site off Mill Road.

13 homes for Bickers Hill Phase 2

Jordan Developments, which already has planning consent for 10 homes off Bickers Hill has submitted a plan to Mid Suffolk District Council for 13 more. 
The planning application takes the form of a full planning application for 13 new residential dwellings plus associated access, parking and landscaping. All the houses are two-storey with a mix of two,three and four bedrooms.
All properties with more than 2 bedrooms have off road parking which includes a garage or carport. The proposed access is through the existing Phase 1 site. 

The grounds for objection are the same as for Phase One despite the district council having approved the first phase. The major concern remains pedestrian safety and danger to vehicular traffic on Bickers Hill where there is a length without footpath.

In addition the proposed density of housing is considered too great – though the members would not support any number of homes – there would need to be street lighting and the drainage issue still has not been addressed. More widely, the village lacks the amenities to cope – doctors’ surgery, school, public transport - while the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and Joint Local Plan do not support building at this site.

The footpath at the rear of the proposed the development is not considered a realistic approach to the village centre. Should the district council again approve development here as well as on its own adjoining land, Laxfield Parish Council urges it to pursue S106 funding for a footpath on Bickers Hill to service the development site.

Bickers Hill layout

The two phases of the Bickers Hill site.


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Housing land supply in place - but too late?

Mid Suffolk District Council has released a draft housing supply document that indicates the council now has more than five years' supply of building land available to developers.

That’s enough to remove the presumption in favour of planning approval and to make the emerging Laxfield Neighbourhood Plan and the district’s Joint Local Plan “material considerations” in planning applications. 

The consultation draft is being published to test the robustness of housing land supply information and evidence relating to the delivery of sites. The consultation is for a six-week period from January 17 to February 28, so it may have come too late to influence how objections might be madeto the plans for 30 new homes in the village. 

This draft concludes that a housing land supply position of 5.32 years is deliverable (paragraph 7.5). But the council warns that until the consultation has concluded and responses been considered this should not be considered a robust position nor treated as a material consideration of weight in planning decision-making.

To view the draft see

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